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CM  1500


  CMS-1500 Software and UB-04 Software  

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CMS-1500 Fill-n-Print Claims           


  CMS-1500 Buy Paper  / Envelopes    
  CMS-1500 Collections


  CMS-1500 EDI Clearinghouse




CMS-1500 Tutorial / E-Book


  CMS-1500 Fill-n-Print (For Mac)    
  CMS-485, 486, 487 Forms  
  CMS-700/701 Forms    
  CMS Suite - 159 Forms    


UB-04  Fill-n-Print Claims




UB-04  Buy Paper / Envelopes




UB-04  Tutorial 




ADA  Fill-n-Print Claims








CMS - 485 / 486 / 487 Fill-n-Print   




Our CMS-485, CMS-486, and CMS-487 Paper Claim Software includes a 3 Software in one package..  The Software allows you to fill in all of the 3 forms and print them out.  For a one time purchase price of $ 99, you can create UNLIMITED 485 / 486 / 487 forms right on your Computer.  All of your forms will be stored in the "Easy to use" Database.  With our Software, you will never have to type in the same information in twice.  DOWNLOAD NOW !  
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  • Print the CMS - 485 / 486 / 487 Forms

  • Or print on  preprinted CMS  paper

  • Or you can Print out the CMS Forms

  • Download NOW !  Windows PC only

  • Receive Software in 5 Seconds

  • Powered by FREE Adobe Reader

  • Requires Adobe Reader 7 or Higher

  • Satisfies NPI Requirements

  • HIPAA Compliant. Safe and Secure

  • Software fills in your CMS Forms

  • Stores all information in one database

  • No need to retype information in twice

  • ALL 3 Software included in Package

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Buy CMS-485/6/7 Download $99 Add to Cart
Buy  Back up Disk $19 Add to Cart
  You must buy Download prior to buying the Disk.  A $10 fee added to order for our Staff to input your Credit Card Info manually to complete the Transaction.  An additional Fee of $30 will be billed for Overnight Delivery of the Disk.                                         
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