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UB-04 Paper Claim Software





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Our UB-04 Paper Claims Software is a great choice for submitting you paper claims fast and economically.  The Software allows you to print your claims so that you  can mail them to all of your Payers.  For a one time purchase price of $ 99, you can create UNLIMITED claims right on your Computer.  No more wasted time sifting thru PDF files searching for records and information.  All of your Claim forms will be stored in the "Easy to use" Database.  

With our Software, you will never have to type in any information in a second time, ever !  The Software is HIPAA Compliant and NPI ready.  Receive the Software in 5 seconds.  We also offer FREE Tech support .  Please watch our "Features" video as well as the "How-it-Works" video which shows you how to use the Software the step by step.  Download our FREE Trial. Buy the Disk too.  The Software works on Vista and Windows 7, 8 computers.  We also have an XP version too.  The "How-it-Works" video listed below shows how the CMS-1500 works, which is identical to the UB-04 Software.  All functionality for the CMS-1500 Software is identical to that if the UB-04 Software.

 Do you need your software and database transferred from one computer to another?  We can do that for you !  Contact Us.

New "Add On's"

Now you can also  Export all of your data from the Database into an Excel Spreadsheet so that you can integrate into QuickBooks or any other application. This "Export Data to EXCEL Add On" is included in the UB-04 Software.  The other "Add on" is for importing the current database into your application.  See offer below.




Features Video How-it-Works Video

* Vista / Windows 7, 8  - Version *


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Software plus 2 Add On's

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Add On: (Export Data to EXCEL included)
Add On: (Import Old Database Included)

We can also transfer your software and database from one computer to another computer.

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